Protip – Making an email forward look like it was sent for the first time


Has this ever happened to you?

You’re having an awesome birthday bash and you send out an email to all your closest friends… that is, all your closest friends except ‘Ed’. Now you’re faced with the embarrassing situation of having to invite your friend Ed post-invitum. But don’t fret, here’s a simple solution that will save you loads of embarrassment!

Go from Go from this... to this!

Step 1. Find the original email

Did you send a copy to yourself? Good! If not, check your sent folder. Not there? Ask your mom to forward the invite back to you.

Step 2. Forward to yourself and BCC your friend.

Click on the forward button. This time send it to yourself! In the BCC field put the name of the person (or people) you forgot. BCC stands for “blind carbon copy” and the names on this list won’t be listed so they’ll ony see your name listed.

Step 3. Delete “fwd:” from the subject line.

That’s a dead giveaway that you’re a loser and a fuck-up who doesn’t care about his friends.

Step 4. Remove the quote formatting.

You know the blue line that runs down the left side of the text that you’re forwarding? That’s the quote formatting. It may also appear as a “>” or some other symbol. Taking that stuff out is the last step in making your email look fresh.

If you’re using Mac Mail, just highlight the quoted text and press Command + Option + ‘ (apostrophe) until the blue line disappears.

Also make sure you remove the text that says “Begin forwarded message:”! Duh!

Step 5. Make sure it looks right and send!

If done properly, your email will look exactly like a brand new email and your friend will never know that you don’t really like them that much!

  • Dan Roberts

    Some thoughts…. Many email clients have an option like “Edit Message As New” which allows you to open a sent message for editing. Copying a message to the Drafts folder often has the same affect. You might then be able to ask Mom to include the original message as an attachment to eliminate some of the work.

  • Ed

    Oh man! This is how my invitation looked!

  • knuckle sandwich

    you fucking tool everyone obviously knows how to do that.

  • Mims Wright

    Jeez, can’t take a joke i guess. Troll.