tl;dr: This blog is closing down. The new blog is at Let’s go there now!

After 7 years, this blog will be going out to pasture. It will be replaced with a personal blog at I have a few major reasons for the transition.

  1. dispatchEvent() was a Flash-oriented blog. I still think Flash has some life left in it but regardless of whether you agree, in the real world, the platform has been on the demise. The upside to this is that I’ve been exposed to some of the many other ways to make rich content on the internet. I’ve been working primarily with Javascript and HTML5 and some of the libraries that go along with them such as Middleman, Sass, Backbone.js, etc. I’ve also picked up quite a bit of Ruby, Java, node.js, and bash script. Anyway, it’s time to move away from a Flash-centric identity and into a multi-diciplinary one.
  2. The dispatchEvent() team is dissolved. I originally started this blog in 2006 and invited some of my favorite coworkers to share it with me. Namely, Roger Braunstein and Caleb Johnston were the most active. Some of the most popular posts came from these guys. However, we haven’t seen much of each other lately and the number of contributions from others have dropped-off to nil. The new blog will be just me (for now).
  3. WordPress is a huge memory hog. I’ve never much liked WordPress. It has always seemed to me like the benefits of having such a rich platform were negated by it’s esoteric architecture and I’ve never felt like I had full control over it. After failing to customize it for 7 years and after countless out of memory errors, I’m switching to Octopress. Octo is arguably much more complicated to set up and work with, and yet, it is very liberating to have so much control over how it works. I even enjoy learning new things in order to make it do what I want. It also is totally flat HTML so the memory problems should go away.

So thank you so much for reading! I’ll be leaving this blog alive for a while longer but all new material, and most of the old posts from here, will be at